This webinar hosted by Gabriela Siebach and Mauricio Suarez focuses on the proofreading process to help improve your translations.

Memory and note taking skills are critical for consecutive interpreters, particularly in the health care setting. This webinar uses proven techniques that dramatically increase the quality and quantity of information an interpreter can process. Note taking methods covered in this webinar are shown to work in conjunction with specific memory techniques in a strategy that makes for efficient, top-level interpreting. Approved for 1 ATA CEP and 1 instructional hour for CCHI.

This pre-recorded webinar is uniquely designed for Spanish Interpreters. Participants will learn about the 3 most commonly made mistakes made by both novice and experienced Spanish interpreters as well as the best techniques and practices to avoid these errors and continue improving the quality of their renditions.

This course is approved for 1 ATA CEP, and 1 instructional hour for CCHI.

This webinar is designed for both spoken and sign language interpreters. Participants will walk through the IEP meeting process, analyze some of the most common jargon, discuss tips for managing the encounter, and cover strategies for handling difficult situations with finesse. This webinar has been pre-approved as PINRA for .1 RID CEUs and 1 ATA CEP.